Need a bar for on the go but not something sweet? Us too!


vegan. non gmo. gluten free.

This ain’t no candy bar!

Tired of bars that are full of sugar and high in calories? Bear Bar’s simple and pure ingredients, low sugar, and 6g of protein make them the perfect grab and go snack!

“I take this bar hiking and it is the right snack to keep me going. I love that it is low in sugar and high in protein.”

– Jack

“This bar is surprisingly delicious. I love the savory flavors, especially the salty kale flavor.”

– John

“I think this bar is perfect for my post yoga recovery. Sweet bars are gross and they are everywhere. This bar is a better choice.”

– Suzanne

“It’s fresh and crunchy tasting. I have a hard time finding savory bars that I enjoy. This bar is great!”

– Hannah

“I have a lot of allergies so this bar is perfect for me and my sensitivities. The simple ingredients blend so nicely together and are filling.”

– Kristen

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